Haystack Informatics was acquired by Iatric Systems/ Harris Computer

This week, our company joined the larger family of Iatric / Harris Computer / Constellation Software.

Heartfelt thanks to our customers, employees, investors, and partners who made this possible.

For more information, please read the press release.

Unparalleled Optimization

Your health system produces massive amounts of meta data. Haystack Intelligence continuously learns where and why there is variation in operational performance, guiding and tracking your improvement initiatives across the enterprise.

Haystack Intelligence
  • Labor makes up more than 50% of health system’s operating costs and 90% of its variable costs.

  • 50% of Physician time is spent in the Electronic Health Record System

  • Annual trend: 2-3% shift from in-patient to out-patient services.

"I make performance improvement a breeze. I reveal exactly where you should implement the smallest change to get the biggest benefit at the lowest cost.  Objectively track the ROI of your improvement changes today."

-Haystack Intelligence


Haystack Intelligence is NOT a person in the room staring at your employees with a stop watch - it's an objective view of your enterprise.


Haystack Intelligence is NOT intimidated by the size of your health system. It ingests multiple data sources and turns your entire organization into a top-notch performance improvement team.


Haystack Intelligence is NOT another data app. It continuously monitors your enterprise, looking for variation and providing insight to solve real problems. 

Standardize best practices and eliminate chaos.

Whether you want to identify the sources of workflow variation across your entire health network, or you want to focus just on a department, role, or service line - we have the solution for you.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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