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Continuously Monitoring Performance

Monitoring employee workflow performance and its impact on labor cost is a challenge for health systems. To do so continuously would be considered impossible, especially as health systems grow their geographical footprint and become more integrated. With 90% of variable costs being attributed to labor, ACO's are struggling to determine what their true cost is to deliver care.

Historically, humans (such as project specialists and/or consultants) have been used to monitor employee performance. However, this approach is subjective, as employees don't typically perform habitually when being observed by someone else holding a stopwatch. When this approach is pursued, health systems can't afford to continuously monitor and analyze employee workflow behavior through human monitoring to keep track of performance change. This is a major reason why the Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TD-ABC) methodology hasn't been easy to adopt for healthcare organizations.

Haystack Intelligence is disrupting workflow management and labor spend variation management with a revolutionary approach that continuously monitors and measures each individual's performance - both clinical and non-clinical employees. By harnessing the power of "meta-data", which is big data produced by multiple technologies within a health system, Haystack Intelligence can analyze, learn, and identify changes in employee workflow behavior - thus creating both a scalable and objective approach to revealing workflow anomalies, tracking performance improvement, and automatically delivering TD-ABC to health systems.

Haystack Intelligence was born out of a major teaching institution, developed by a team of talented data scientists, and is now being embraced by today's leading health systems & leading consultant companies.

“Direct time-motion observations validated EHR-event log data as a reliable source of information regarding clinician time allocation."




Tethered to the EHR: Primary Care Physician Workload Assessment Using EHR Event Log Data and Time-Motion Observations


"Kids, can you say Meta-data?"

Meta-data describes other data that is being pulled from multiple sources. In healthcare, the most common source of meta-data comes from the Electronic Health Record system (EHR). EHR's produce event log data that has proven to reflect what observers find in time-motion observations.

In addition to EHR data, Haystack Intelligence is built to ingest and analyze data produced by additionally installed technologies that track employee workflow performance: such as clinical communication solutions, RTLS solutions, bed alarm solutions, nurse call solutions, scheduling solutions and more - creating a complete picture of both employee workflows and the patient experience for in-patient and out-patient settings.

Let us humor you - watch Dr. Luke Goetzke explain Haystack Intelligence to 5-year olds

Where does your system need Haystack Intelligence?

Identify & Remove Variation

Haystack Intelligence can help you identify and track workflow and labor spend variation within your hospitals, specific departments, ambulatory sites, urgent care centers, call centers, or the entire health network.

Want to get a view of your health system?

  • My Ambulatory Sites

    Throughput. Throughput. Throughput.

    Ambulatory sites have been asked to carry the most weight as health systems increase their geographical footprint and become more integrated. Every year 2-3% of in-patient services shift to out-patient services. In order to maximize throughput you need to maximize your human resources - right now 50% of Physician time is spent on the EHR systems and paperwork. Learn how Haystack Intelligence can help.


  • My Hospitals

    Low Margins. Please Help!

    Hospitals struggle to stay out of the red with an average operating margin of 2.2%. Haystack Intelligence is supporting several health systems with optimizing their workflow design by identifying best practice workflows and minimizing workflow variation. Learn how we can help reduce patient wait time, improve LWBS rates, optimize room turnover time, increase throughput, and reduce labor spend. Structurally optimize your Hospital(s).

  • My Access Team

    Access. Now that's a word being used a lot.

    Haystack Intelligence is supporting a variety of health system initiatives - one in particular is access initiatives. Learn how Haystack Intelligence can be used in non-clinical settings to monitor and measure the workflows of your call center employees and schedulers. Identify and standardize workflows that will work best to meet your patient demand.



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